Aims of the 2018 fieldwork

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Phil Perkins at work..

Our fieldwork has two principal aims in 2018: to investigate the archaeological context of the group of bronze objects found near the dried up lake; and to evaluate the nature of any archaeological deposits in the vicinity of the dried up lake. Our approach needs to be flexible and adapt to the results of the investigations as they emerge. Our first steps will be to clear the area of undergrowth and expose the subsoil in the area where the initial finds were made. This should enable the identification of any surviving archaeological deposits in the area, perhaps providing some indications of the physical processes that led to the exposure of the archaeological material. At the same time we will investigate some of the sub-surface anomalies recorded by the 2017 ground penetrating radar survey and establish their nature through targeted excavation. This will enable us to assess whether the anomalies are the result of human activity or natural processes.

Phil Perkins

July 9, 2018