The Albagino Project (ASLAP)


Excavations in Albagino – The 2018 Season

The fortuitous discovery of a fascinating group of bronze objects near a dried-up lake in the High Apennines at the site of Albagino (Bruscoli, Comune di Firenzuola) led to non-invasive investigation of the site in the summer of 2017.

That initial investigation resulted from the collaboration of the Soprintendenza Archeologica Belle Arti e Paesaggio per la Città Metropolitana di Firenze e le Province di Pistoia e Prato (Dr. Andrea Pessina, Superintendent, and Dr. Susanna Sarti, Inspector), the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project  (Prof. Gregory Warden), the Mayor of the Comune of Firenzuola, the Gruppo Archeologico of Bruscoli, the Italian National Research Council (CNR-ITABC, Prof. Paolo Mauriello and Dr. Marilena Cozzolino), the Università di Firenze (Prof. Barbara Aterini, DIDA, and Prof. Grazia Tucci, DICEA), and geologists Prof. Paolo Canuti and Pellegrino Innocenti.

The votive figures from Albagino were also recently displayed at the Palazzo Pegaso in Florence and published in Alessandro Nocentini, Susanna Sarti, and P. Gregory Warden, eds., Acque Sacre. Culto etrusco sull’Appennino Toscano (Firenze 2018). We are grateful to Dr. Eugenio Giani, President of the Consiglio Regionale della Toscana, and his staff for their support.



The discovery and publication of this group of bronzes is important because of their undisputed context that raises immediate questions about the ritual landscape of this small lake at the crest of Apennines, halfway between Florence and Bologna. Where were the figures made? How and why did they find their way to this particular place? What is their cultural meaning? There are countless questions that come to mind about the persons who made and deposited these objects as well as to the various meanings of those depositions, those gifts to the god(s) of the place. The Albagino project, through excavation and multi-disciplinary research, hopes to provide insight into some of these questions.

The Albagino Project is co-directed by Prof. Gregory Warden (Franklin University Switzerland) and Prof. Phil Perkins (The Open University, UK). Dr. Alessandro Nocentini, Architect and Director of digital documentation, MVAP, will serve a recording project for the archaeological area and will undertake the digital documentation of the excavations.

The 2018 Season will include about a dozen individuals. The team is housed in Firenzuola, a picturesque town in the Alto Mugello, at the Albergo Piccola Firenze. Laboratory facilities in the Bruscoli Museum have been generously provided by the Gruppo Archeologico of Bruscoli. The initial season is relatively short, three weeks (July 9-27), with work proceeding from Monday to Friday.

Members of the team will be blogging on this site and posting on Instagram and Facebook. You will have the opportunity to follow the initial season of excavation from beginning to end, to get to know the individual members of the team, as well as our numerous friends and supporters in the area. Please join us online for the initial season of excavations at the sacred lake of Albagino.

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