Digging deeper

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We are now in the third week of excavation, and the trenches are getting deeper. The weekend saw furious thunderstorms; we turned up at the site later on Monday morning, giving the woods a chance to dry out. The trenches, especially Trench 5, resembled swimming pools, and the crew set about bailing out the water, one bucket at a time.

The excavation area.

As we look back at the second week of excavation at Albagino, we have achieved some significant aims in understanding this peculiar archaeological landscape. The ASLAP team increased in number during the second week with the addition of Prof. Eleanor Bets, Dr. Meryl Shriver-Rice, and erstwhile neo-archaeologists Hunter and Lewis.


Dr. Meryl Shriver Rice.


Trench 6.
Trench 6 see from above.








The team has enjoyed the Mugello, staying together at the Piccola Firenze Hotel in the heart of Firenzuola. We are especially grateful to the hotel staff who are taking such good care of the everyone, with delicious meals and in many other ways.

Members of the team visiting Fiesole.