From Firenzuola to Albagino

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Firenzuola is a charming town where the sense of local pride is evident and everyone is quite friendly.

Outside the town are Naples-yellow hills and lush green mountains, unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the east coast of the United States.


In the morning to beat the heat on site we must wake up at 5:45am, which to someone who prefers to wake up at 11, is quite early. However, I can’t complain about the time as the views, even just outside my window, are simply stunning.


The Bells of Firenzuola.


And the drive to the site even better. Here is a quick snippet of what the whirling ascent up the mountain is like.



The arrival to the site from the car is a bit jarring at first, about a 15-minute walk carrying backpacks and gear up a weaving mountain trail. However, just like getting up at 5:45, it’s well worth the trek.


The trail up to the site.


I feel grateful for the opportunity to work on this site, to learn from seasoned specialists and interact with such a great team. The yearning to find something, to reconnect with the past in a tactile way, keeps pushing us forward. Dragging up dirt bit by bit we working feverishly yet carefully towards the unknown.


Leslie Pickel

July 22, 2018