MVAP Palaeobotany


We were fortunate in the first week to have Dr. Lisa Lodwick with us at Albagino. Dr. Lodwick is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at All Souls College of the University of Oxford. Her “main research interests are in the relationship between agriculture and urbanisation in later prehistoric and Roman Europe.” Dr. Lodwick advised us on strategies for palaeobotanical research at Albagino and was also able to look over the large amount of palaeobotanical material that resulted from 21 years of MVAP excavation at Poggio Colla (1995-2015). She will study the material from the sanctuary of Poggio Colla.

Dr, Lodwick at work at the Bruscoli Museum.

Dr. Lodwick’s work with us this summer was made possible by a generous grant from Richard and Gwen Irwin, Dallas, TX.